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We at Histor eSearch realize that your time is valuable. We also realize that historical documentaries, though most are well intended, tend to lack entertainment value, project certain biases or can be replete with inaccuracies. In order to alleviate your judging of documentaries by their cover, we are now offering this historical documentary review page. We hope you find these reviews useful.



10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America

April 9th - 13th, 2006

The History Channel
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     The History Channel continues to improve upon the entertainment level of each new documentary that it produces. This ten part series examines very distinct turning points in US history that are pivotal to us as a people and a culture. It is a very cerebral and intelligent look at how seemingly minute coincidences and human decisions affect the course and flow of major human events. This is a huge and bold documentary undertaking that will prove to be as significant a work as such titles in line with "Eyes on the Prize" and the "Ten Thousand Day War." This program series is epic in scope and quality.

   This series is the most ambitious original programming event in THC history, "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America" encompasses 10 days in American history as envisioned through ten powerful documentaries that are written, produced and directed by 10 award-winning filmmakers. Expansive in scope, the goal is not to countdown or list the “most important” days in U.S. history, but to select days that represent the broad themes that ultimately shaped America’s people, culture and history.


     We give this program an enthusiastic 5 of 5 Herodoti

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Episode Titles 


Massacre at Mystic 

Shays' Rebellion: America's
First Civil War

Gold Rush 


Homestead Strike

Murder at the Fair: The President McKinley Assassination

Scope's Trial: The Battle Over America's Soul

Einstein's Letter

When America Was Rocked

Freedom Summer

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