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We at Histor eSearch realize that your time is valuable. We also realize that historical documentaries, though most are well intended, tend to lack entertainment value, project certain biases or can be replete with inaccuracies. In order to alleviate your judging of documentaries by their cover, we are now offering this historical documentary review page. We hope you find these reviews useful.



     After viewing this newest documentary from THC, all that can be said is WOW! What a treat to have renowned newsman Tom Brokaw doing the narration for this extraordinary TV event. Not, that this author is in the production loop or anything of that kind, but this documentary kind of snuck up in the review scheduling. At first thought, it was assumed that this must have been a short notice production with some old footage with a few new footnotes. Brother,  can one be so wrong. This documentary is a full two hour in-depth and personal account of the pivotal year 1968 and how its events  affected the course of US and human history in general. It is s sociological and chronological trip throughout that tumultuous and pivotal year. It affected us then and it still affects us now. War, race relations, contemporaneous culture, the violence and hope for the future. Is it still 1968?  Far out, man!!!

Make sure that you are not doing anything Sunday evening as there is only one thing the watch. 1968 -With Tom Brokaw.

     We give this program an enthusiastic 5 of 5 Herodoti



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