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We at Histor eSearch realize that your time is valuable. We also realize that historical documentaries, though most are well intended, tend to lack entertainment value, project certain biases or can be replete with inaccuracies. In order to alleviate your judging of documentaries by their cover, we are now offering this historical documentary review page. We hope you find these reviews useful.



Desperate Crossing:
The Untold Story of the Mayflower

Sunday, November 19, 2006 at  8pm ET
On the History Channel

    This docudrama is the story of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, a small band of religious extremists who flee persecution in Europe. They are young, passionate and highly educated people who believe their kingís religion violates the true faith. Condemned as traitors in England and forced into exile in Holland, the group decides to risk all and take their chances in the wilds of "New World" America. After much turmoil and hardship the colonists form a cohesive group and find a way to forge a life for themselves in America, learning from and creating a fragile, temporary truce with the native peoples.

    This documentary paints a devastating picture of the difficult lives of these early immigrants. Based on meticulous historical research and original source material (including William Bradford's first-hand account of Plymouth Plantation) recreates the fascinating world of the Pilgrims in all its complexity. Using historically accurate dramatizations, the special was shot on location at historic Plimoth Plantation, as well as in England, Belgium, Maryland and Virginia. Interviews with leading historians, scholars and modern day members of the Wampanoag community reveal the intricacy of the real story, an epic journey touched by religious fervor and intolerance, personal triumph and tragedy. Actors from Englandís Royal Shakespeare Company provide an authentic picture of these pioneers, presenting their stories with all the excitement and suspense of a feature film.

    This special History Channel feature is once again documentary entertainment at its best. The story told is spell binding as well as myth busting. This is a must be seen historical story that is drenched in fact to provide the truth of our early American experience.

     We give this program an enthusiastic 4 of 5 Herodoti


Looking at the new world aboard the Mayflower

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