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We at Histor eSearch realize that your time is valuable. We also realize that historical documentaries, though most are well intended, tend to lack entertainment value, project certain biases or can be replete with inaccuracies. In order to alleviate your judging of documentaries by their cover, we are now offering this historical documentary review page. We hope you find these reviews useful.




Monday, October 9, 2006 at  9 PM ET
On the History Channel

       This exciting new weekly series is fast paced and cover's the world's most advanced ancient civilizations. Building on the success of Rome: Engineering an Empire, each episode utilizes on site location, authentic reenactments and cutting edge CGI. The series also uses the perspective of engineering as the mark left by each society that is examined. The series explores key leaders of each society as well as roads, super-fortresses, dams, temples and other structures. Topics covered in the Engineering An Empire series includes: Egypt, The Aztecs, Greece, Greece: Age of Alexander, The Maya, China, Russia, Carthage, Great Britain, The Persians, The Byzantines, Age of Architects and, Napoleon's Empire.

     This is a great series for students, teachers and history buffs alike. It is do not miss educational TV at its best. As the years go by, It is no wonder that the History Channel has become the premier family oriented documentary channel. Such series as this only further THC's reputation for quality entertainment.

The first episode on October 9, 2006 is a two hour special on Egypt.


     We give this program an enthusiastic 4 of 5 Herodoti


Actor/Historian Peter Weller

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