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We at Histor eSearch realize that your time is valuable. We also realize that historical documentaries, though most are well intended, tend to lack entertainment value, project certain biases or can be replete with inaccuracies. In order to alleviate your judging of documentaries by their cover, we are now offering this historical documentary review page. We hope you find these reviews useful.



Washington: The Warrior

Premieres Memorial Day, 2006 at  9 PM ET
On the History Channel

     This two hour program seems to be the way of future documentary programming. It is more docudrama than documentary. The program is well budgeted and offers many realistic re-enactments in combination with CGI to make the viewing a more authentic experience. The program is well researched and offers students and history buffs alike a more piercing view into the military life of the founding father of the United States, Through a series of military life experiences Washington emerges as colonial Americas best chance for independence from Britain. From information provided in the programming it appears that General Washington evolved into a situation whereby he became the primary reason for our success against George III's hold on colonial America.

      This is must see viewing for all Americans that want to really know just how close we were to still being British subjects. It is my hope that the History Channel continues to create these investigative docudramas as they are definitely good history for the masses and the good review for the historically oriented.


     We give this program an enthusiastic 4 of 5 Herodoti


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